Shiloh Art, 11/13/12

The walls of Reid commons were echoing with the sounds of the languages last night as the UM community discussed the Tower of Babel, from Genesis 10-11.  Our ears got a treat in hearing these beautiful noises that mean so much to one person and so little to another.  The “babel” of one becomes another’s meaning, purpose, foundation.  As we looked deeper into the noise, we discovered the tower was a place of pride, destined to fall.  Built with subpar materials for a subpar purpose so far from what God originally intended for His people.  The question is then posed: what is your tower?  What materials are you using to build up your life?  Are they feeble attempts at righteousness you’re attempting to stack up until you reach the kingdom, or are they God-given, God-blessed, and God-supported?  Only through His blessing and His work can good be done–rely upon that as graduation/school/plans of any kind loom upon us.  They can be good…

Elizabeth Bacon
acrylic/mixed media on canvas

Words are what define our culture.  They help us make sense of our world and give us a tangible purpose to follow.  The jumbled words of the globe portray the scattering of languages at Babel–of a people in a disconnect with their God.  “So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of all the earth.” (Gen. 11:8).

by Drew Young

Hope never fails, however; if you look for it, you can see the ever-present light.

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