The Definition of Community

I’m all about community,
but the truth is we’re missing the opportunity
to be a unit of unity because we refuse to be real,
claiming we need to fully heal before we talk about it.
But we forget that becoming whole is a process
of allowing our mess to be seen.
And I’m not saying that I’ll be able to make you clean,
only God can do that,
but I promise to be there when you get attacked,
because that’s what friends are for.
And I’d be lying if deep in my core,
I didn’t want someone to do the same for me,
’cause, you have to agree, the cry of our hearts is to be accepted.
Not collected, corrected, then rejected,
but to be loved.
And the thing about community is they’re there.
Not sort of or sometimes, but always.
In the wear and tear of everyday life,
or the flare of an overtaking strife,
they’re there to be warriors of prayer and to hear you share,
because they love you.
And I say this from experience, take it.
Don’t just sit, admit defeat, and lose faith.
look for the candle your community lit and follow it.
Commit and receive what they’re giving.
Expose yourself and start living
in this place where you are loved.
For your humor and joy
as well as the sins that try to destroy you are welcome there.
To be shared among a group of people
who support you no matter what.
And I’m not saying it’s going to be easy.
There will be days you want to shut them all out,
but without them, you’re back at square one,
and there’s a lot to be done,
when carrying the weight all alone.
And as humans, we’re prone to hide when our scars are shown,
but don’t, because there’s a beauty about being known fully
by a group of people pulling for you.
And that’s community.
People called into unity standing together,
refusing to be weathered by what tries to deceive,
but standing firm refusing to leave until everyone feels loved.



One thought on “The Definition of Community

  1. Why is it that we fight so hard against community? We hide, we fight, we forget, we falter; we’re fickle, frenzied, fake. We’re nice when we should be honest, quiet when we should speak up, then lash out when we should be calm. God, be our eyes and ears, guard our tongues as we try to remedy this pickle we’ve gotten ourselves into. Mold us together like jell-o…like a big, tasty, smooth, jiggly, firm, dynamic mold of jell-o. Unite us.

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